Mar 20, 2017
Girls Compete in Chidon Finale

395 girls were called to stage Sunday at the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos final game show and competition, followed by an awards ceremony.

395 girls were called to stage Sunday at the Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos final event in Crown Heights.

The award ceremony, which immediately followed the Chidon final game show competition, celebrated the accomplishments of chayolim from around the world.

“Each of these kids is here because they devoted all of their free time over the past six months to learning Sefer Hamitzvos,” announced Rabbi Yehoshua Lustig, event MC and principal of Oholei Torah.

Three different awards were presented: 209 plaques were awarded to any chayol who earned at least a 70% on Thursday’s final test. The 186 finalists who earned at least an 85% received a medal. The highest honor, coveted trophies, a new addition to this year’s Chidon awards, were handed out to the highest-scoring chayolim in each grade: a total of 28 honored chayolim.

“There is no doubt that their efforts this year in learning Rambam are giving the Rebbe much nachas,” says Rabbi Zalman Glick, director of Living Lessons foundation, publisher of the Yahadus curriculum.

“We could not be more proud of each and every finalist,” adds Rabbi Yerachmiel Benjaminson, executive director of Tzivos Hashem.

Gold Trophy Winners
4th grade:
Tzivia Osdoba, Bnos Menachem Crown Heights
Nechama Schochet, Bais Chaya Mushka LA

5th grade:
Hadassah Altein, Bais Chaya Mushka Toronto

6th grade:
Chana Glazman, MyShliach

7th grade:
Devora Leah Gurary, Beth Rivkah Montreal

8th grade:
Chaya Smetana, Beis Rivkah Crown Heights
Basya Nechama, Zalmanov MyShliach

Silver Trophy Winners
4th grade:
Musya Kaplan MyShliach
Ceita Shur Beth Rivkah Montreal

5th grade:
Esther Hadassa Pewzner, MyShliach

6th grade:
Goldie Shemtov, Beis Rivkah Crown Heights

7th grade:
Chaya Mushka Altein, Bais Chaya Mushka Toronto

8th grade:
Yehudis Goldshmid, Bais Chaya Mushka Crown Heights
Leah Shapiro, Cheder Lubavitch Morristown Girls
Miriam Greenberg, Ohr Temimim Buffalo, NY
Batya Hadad, Beis Rivkah Crown Heights
Chaya Rubin, Maimonides Hebrew Day School Albany

Bronze Trophy Winners

4th grade:
Minda Shur, Bais Chaya Mushka Toronto
Mushka Zaetz, Bais Chaya Mushka LA
Cherna Labkowski, Cheder Chabad Baltimore Maryland
Esther Rosenblum, Yeshiva School Pittsburgh Girls

5th grade:
Rashi Denburg, Hebrew Academy Margate Florida
6th grade:
Simmi Hershkop, Cheder Menachem Wilkes-Barre

7th grade:
Chaya Unsdorfer, Lubavitch Educational Center Florida Girls

8th grade:
Chana Brod, Beis Rivkah Montreal
Chaya'le Citron, Lubavitch Senior Girls London
Sossa Rosenberg, Cheder Lubavitch Morristown Girls
Esti Alperowitz, Lubavitch Senior Girls London

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Opinions and Comments
Chaya rubin Saratoga
You did a good job
(3/20/2017 1:11:02 PM)
Go simmi!
Wilkes barre is proud of you! Bronze! Hooray!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(3/20/2017 5:08:46 PM)
shleppers who made chidon happen
go logistics
menucha niyazov and rochelle R and mushky
(3/20/2017 5:25:11 PM)
U rock Batya!
(3/20/2017 5:51:52 PM)
Mushka from Postville
Is that you on the 7th grade table?
We are so proud of you!
May you continue to bring the Rebbe much Nachas!
(3/20/2017 6:19:02 PM)
Go simmi!
Wilkes barre is proud of you! Bronze! Hooray!!!!!!!!! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !
(3/20/2017 6:58:06 PM)
Chanale Brod !!
Mazel Tov on ur bronze!!
Morah Freida
(3/20/2017 7:33:08 PM)
Go Tzivia!
Tzivia we're all so proud of you that you got the gold trophy!
(3/20/2017 9:56:54 PM)
Mazel Tov!
Go Shterna and Tzivia Gurary! Go Fraida Feldman from Down Under! Go Mushka Kievman! Go Yehuudis Goldshmid! Keep up your amazing work! Mazel Tov! Missing your from down under...
Chaya Mushka Kievman
(3/20/2017 10:16:58 PM)
Proud friend :)
Go Sarah Elharrar!!!
Keep up all your incredible work!!!
(3/20/2017 11:35:06 PM)
Go Sossa Rosenberg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yay! Sossa you did it!
(3/21/2017 6:35:13 AM)
Go Chaya Mahatuf!
We are so proud of you!
(3/21/2017 6:53:00 AM)
big Z Schapiro
i would like to say a Mazel Tov to my cousin Leah Schapiro from Morristown NJ and Chaya Usdofer from FL we should all here many more news Simchas and Nachas Mazel tov i am so happy for you both
(3/21/2017 8:46:11 AM)
Go, Nechama Schochet!
Mazal tov on your gold. We are so proud of you. Love, Your Cousins in Yerushalayim
(3/21/2017 9:20:17 AM)
We made it in!!
Go moussie Friedman and mushkie Hecht!!!!
(3/21/2017 1:07:38 PM)
Go Rosei Baram and Shani Weber!
you guys are amazing!
(3/21/2017 3:49:40 PM)
Mazal Tov
Mazal Tov to our cousin Minda Shur, from your cousins on Carroll st. We are so proud of you!!!
(3/21/2017 4:18:12 PM)
i loooovveeee the chidon that was the best event ive ever been to in my life!!! yasher koyach to all who put in effort to make this happen!!!
(3/21/2017 5:03:18 PM)
Go Tzivia Osdoba!
Tzivia Osdoba is the best! I am so proud of you that you won!
(3/22/2017 12:01:13 AM)
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