Mar 19, 2017
Chidon Girls Visit 770, Ohel
Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Girls participating in the International Chidon Sefer Hamitzvos weekend were treated to a whirlwind day of trips around New York, visiting the Ohel, 770, and enjoying an open-bus ride.

Photos: Shmuel Amit/COLlive

Chayolim started off their second Shabbaton day like Chassidim—with a spirited davening in 770—then prepared for a trip to the Ohel. “I wanted to tell the Rebbe about Chidon and give nachas to the Rebbe!” one contestant says, holding their pan. The counselors farbrenged with their campers on the bus to the Ohel, and finalists “were all in the right frame of mind when they arrived.” says on-site director Rabbi Zalman Shimon Itkin.

With renewed chayus, chayolim loaded the buses and continued on their day. While the younger grades skated around at the Aviator Sports Center, grades 6, 7, and 8 left to bowling. With unlimited drinks and snacks and a pizza lunch, chayolim had a great time. “I’m meeting lots of new people...this was worth every minute of studying,” says another girl.

It didn’t end there. They loaded special open-air buses and took a trip to the Ice Cream House for an Erev Shabbos treat. Chayolim were then dropped at their hosts in Crown Heights so that they could begin preparing for Shabbos.

“These kids have worked incredibly hard to make it this far,” says a Chidon coordinator. “They deserve all this and more!”

Tomorrow morning is the grand Chidon Event —the highlight of the Shabbaton. Taking place in the School for the Deaf on Eastern Parkway, the program features a special video presentation, performances, the long-awaited game show, and the awards ceremony for all the chayolim who were a part of the Chidon.

“The Chidon is about learning the Rambam’s sefer and familiarizing ourselves with the 613 mitzvos,” says Chayolei Tzivos Hashem director, Rabbi Shimmy Weinbaum. “The trips and fun and Shabbaton—they’re extra. What the chayolim have learned and will showcase at the game show tomorrow—that’s the real thing.”

Tickets to take part in the Chidon event are still available for women and girls. To purchase, visit

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Opinions and Comments
when are the winners going to be posted?
I think the gameshow was already, today.
(3/19/2017 7:19:53 PM)
We spy
Elisheva B.!!!! You make us proud!!!!!
(3/19/2017 8:24:50 PM)
Big Z Schapiro
wow nice buses Chidon it look like you all had a blast
(3/20/2017 11:46:40 AM)
I spotted you
Chayale citron, a nd Bluma mitz!!
Go you you really deserved it
(3/20/2017 12:49:24 PM)
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