Mar 19, 2017
Toronto Yeshiva's Spirited Purim

Purim at Yeshivas Lubavitch Toronto was spent with much singing, dancing and Farbrenging with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

Purim 5777 at Toronto Yeshiva will forever be etched in the hearts and minds of those who participated in the singing, dancing and Farbrenging with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner.

Shabbos Parshas Zachor was spent farbrenging, bracing ourselves for the incredible Purim that would begin that night. Ten minutes after Maariv, the megilla was read at the Yeshiva and all were dressed in colorful costumes as per the Purim spirit.

Immediately after, the Bochurim, headed by Mendel Fayershtein and Zalmy Oster transformed the Zal into a stunning Purim party hall, complete with a beautiful buffet, a stage for the live band, and of course a dance floor.

With Mendy Felberman on the keyboard, a very dear community member, Rabbi Mendy Lowenthal on the guitar, and Mendel Deitsch on the drums, the first notes of their well practiced medley of fast paced Chabad Niggunim immediately threw the crowed right into the Purim spirit.

The dancing paused periodically to watch a clip of the Rebbe Farbranging on Purim, keeping the simcha on track.

As the furious dancing intensified, members of the Bochurim's Mivtzoim routes showed up to experience Purim in Tomchei Temimim first hand, their faces shining as they fell in sync with the fast paced dancing and the joyful mood.

After many hours everyone went to sleep, only to awaken a few short hours later to Daven Shacharis and head out to Mivtzoim.

The next couple hours were a whirlwind of reading the Magilla for people, trading Mishloach Manos, and saying L'chaim, until Shiur Alef ended up in Rabbi Leibel Ceitlen's house and Shiur Bais in Rabbi Avrohom Mann's home for the Meal.

At 10:30, the entire Yeshiva joined together to farbreng with the Rosh Yeshiva, Rabbi Akiva Wagner in the Yeshiva building until the wee hours of the morning.

The event was held in merit of a refuah shleima for Reuven Moshe Ben Chana.

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Rabb Mendy Loewenthal
R. Mendy Loewenthal, you rock!!
(3/19/2017 10:12:10 AM)
Go Mendy Felberman
Amazing pianist!!!
(3/19/2017 4:26:20 PM)
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