Feb 17, 2017
Smiling Faces at Kinus Hashluchos

Despite the cold, warmth and joy is evident as Shluchos spend time at the Kinus catching up and reuniting with friends.

Photos: Chavi Konikov

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Great pics
Go Chavi K!!!
(2/17/2017 11:05:56 AM)
A concerned East Coaster
Bs'd Please don't say 'despite the weather'. Some of us here, on the East coast, have been asking the Aibershter to give us the bad weather so that the Shluchos, who live with hardships all the time, would be able to easily maneuver the streets of Crown Heights while they are here for just one weekend. The weather, for this time of year, is wonderful; thank the Aibershter for it and He might just do it again!!! KOl Tuv, Hatzlocho.
(2/18/2017 8:08:47 PM)
??-to #2
i spoted u! :)
(2/19/2017 11:11:03 AM)
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