Jan 11, 2017
Newspaper Brings Parsha to Life

You can now learn about the weekly Parshah in an entertaining newspaper format - and it was even approved by the Rebbe.

For over 40 years, Rabbi Yisroel Rubin has been developing educational and entertaining “news articles” on the weekly parsha. Finally, The Torah Times for Sefer Bereishis and Shemos is complete and is now available for purchase.

The first edition of the Torah Times was presented at the 1973 Lag B’omer Parade. It received the Rebbe’s blessing and direction, and was listed among the Rebbe’s 71 Mosdos. The Rebbe gave Rabbi Rubin specific instructions on how to improve The Torah Times

Along with his students at the Maimonides Hebrew Day School, Rabbi Rubin has continued to update and refine articles with more in-depth Midrashim and Peirushim.

The Torah Times is humorous and entertaining, but it is no joke! Rather than ancient once-upon-a-time characters, we relive Torah events as they happen. Rather than archaic characters in long flowing robes, their issues and concerns are as relevant, current and contemporary as today’s news!

Rabbi Rubin began writing “The Daily Chitas” based on Torah commentaries, inspired by the Rebbe’s call to “Live with the Parsha of the week.”

The Rebbe encouraged the publication and funded its first 6 months (below are Rabbi Rubin’s transcripts of the Rebbe’s responses to his submissions):

“Publication nicely done, should be disseminated to reach the public.”

“The name should be more universal than “‘Daily Chitas,’” so it has changed to “Torah Times.”

The Rebbe once noted that he missed receiving Parsha Toldos #6 among the collection of Torah Times, which are kept in the Rebbe’s Library.

”It should be proofread/edited before publication.” The Rebbe gave his Bracha and Ohel mention.

You can order print copies of The Torah Times Sefer Bereishis and Shemos at http://www.thetorahtimes.com or directly from Amazon.com.

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Opinions and Comments
So exciting!!!!
These newspapers are so fun!...I remember reading them
(1/11/2017 2:04:07 PM)
Torah Times
Like the idea a lot, very cute, special learning tool.
(1/11/2017 2:54:42 PM)
such nostalgia!
I used to use it for teaching parsha in junior high! It is brilliant!
(1/11/2017 4:02:15 PM)
what aage is this for?
whaat age is this for?
(1/11/2017 4:50:17 PM)
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