Jan 10, 2017
Group Hands Out Candlesticks

A Brooklyn-based organization offers free sets of beautiful silver-plated candlesticks to anyone who takes the 'Shabbos pledge'.

By COLlive reporter

A nonprofit organization founded to encourage Jewish women to light Shabbos candles not only once, but on a weekly basis, has recently expanded to the United States.

MyShabbosLight.com distributes sets of free candlesticks, perfect for gifting on Mivtzoim or by Shluchim. It was started in Israel 10 years ago and has seen major success, reaching thousands of women since.

The organization which is based out of Brooklyn, NY, provides a set of beautiful silver-plated candlesticks, which encourages women to use them weekly.

"In our experience, when women receive this gift of candle sticks after pledging to continue lighting them, it makes a big difference in how they continue with this special Mitzvah," says Toby Soffer, Director of the US branch of the organization.

"We have seen numerous women continue to light every Friday evening, with many changing their entire lifestyle as a result."

Recently, the organization was established in the US, with many Shluchim offering their community members to join and receive the gift when they pledge.

The organization also provides materials for Mivztoim routes to offer women the opportunity to take the pledge, with many delighted recipients. Many have reported that lighting candles was only the first step in their journey to Yiddishkeit.

"There are entire families who are observant today, only because the mother began lighting candles, which had a ripple effect on the family's Friday night, then Shabbos, and then entire lifestyle," Soffer said.

"This is why we feel it's important to provide the candlesticks as an incentive, as well as long term access, to this Mitzvah, to create the opportunity for the tremendous growth that can follow."

US Shluchim and organizations are welcome to contact ­­them to learn more about how they can join and receive materials for gifting. Limited amounts are available on a first come, first serve basis.

Visit MyShabbosLight.com for more information or email info@myshabboslight.com.

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Kol hakavod!!!
(1/10/2017 5:22:46 PM)
Such beautiful candlesticks!
Hatzlacha Rabba!
(1/17/2017 10:10:45 PM)
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