Jan 10, 2017
Kfar Chabad's 1st Street Named

After 50 years, the first street name was inaugurated in the Israeli Kfar Chabad village, "Rechov HaRabbi MiLubavitch."

After 50 years, the streets in the Israeli village of Kfar Chabad are finally being named.

The first street to be inaugurated on Tuesday was the first and main street of the village, which was named after the Lubavitcher Rebbe.

"Rechov HaRabbi MiLubavitch" was unveiled in the presence of the Minister of the Interior Aryeh Deri.

Also in attendance was Rov of Kfar Chabad Rabbi Meir Ashkenazi, Regional Council Chairman David Yifrach, Mayor Shimon Rabinovitch and Board members and community leaders.

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goyish minhag ?
I am asking, not saying. intuitively, as an outsider, it seems like a goyish minhag, like MLK street, etc. Is it a common honor in Jewish history, in TaNaCh, to name street's after a person of honor? if not, it seems kind of denigrating, and much less of an honor than say naming a library after a person, a shul, but just a street?
(1/10/2017 9:17:32 AM)
Only in Israel
Toast with Mashke in middle of the street
(1/10/2017 9:39:50 AM)
Lost Compass = Lost Focus and Direction
First street should be named Melech HaMoshiach!!!!!!!!

That is our focus and direction!!!!

(1/10/2017 9:50:41 AM)
Real estate
Real estate business
Rebbes street prices up 10 times:)
(1/10/2017 10:29:16 AM)
To 1
It is done all over Israel. But more importantly if you watch the video you'll hear them saying that the Rebbe said when you give something a holy name it makes the environment around it holy.
(1/10/2017 11:09:57 AM)
To 2
You're so right! Even the official events in Israel aren't official :) they didn't close off the streets, have the whole town invited, speakers, music etc.
They spoke very well and to the point!
(1/10/2017 11:12:19 AM)
To #1
Throughout Eretz Yisrael streets are named after figures from tanach, tanaaim, amoraim, rishonim and acharonim
(1/10/2017 11:14:27 AM)
How long?
I wonder how long it will take for the street names to be added to Google maps.
(1/10/2017 11:54:40 AM)
To #8
The names are om google maps already
(1/10/2017 1:47:00 PM)
plenty of tzaddikim to name streets after
I assume they will name more streets, and after 100, there will still be some tzaddikim to name after.
(1/10/2017 2:20:06 PM)
is there even one woman in kfar chabad?
like even just one?
(1/12/2017 9:05:04 AM)
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