Apr 5, 2009
Matzos Smuggled Into Iran

Three months in prison is what one can get in Iran if he imports a 'Made in Israel' product. But leave it to Chabad to organize a ton of Matzos for Pesach for Teheran's Jews.

By COLlive reporter

A ton of Kosher for Pesach Matzos were smuggled into the Islamic Republic of Iran this past week by Chabad activists.

Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonot reported that the local Jewish community does not have the resources to bake Matzah for the 20,000 Jews in the country.

The Jewish community in Iran enjoys freedom of religion, but is forbidden to import any products made in the State of Israel.

Such an action could result in three months prison or deprivation of their passport for five years.

The Matzos that Chabad sent were baked in the Chabad-owned bakery in Dnepropetrovsk, Ukraine.

COLlive has learned that the one behind the operation was Rabbi Meir Bruk, Chabad Shliach in the neighboring country Azerbaijan, who keeps an open channel with Teheran's Jews.

Exported illegally through a low-security border point, one thousand kilograms of Matzos were then placed on 10 buses. The original labels in Hebrew were replaced by black stickers.

In October 2008, COLlive reported that Bruk sent Esrogim to Iran for the holiday of Sukkos.

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Opinions and Comments
Who is behind this dumb PR??
It is Iran we are talking about!!! This is no nonsence! It could mean death to some of long imprisenment
If it was not made in israel then it is fine with the authoraties then why call it smuggled??? anyway it looks like a stupid PR and nothing more
in any case i would not bragg about it to the press no matter what
think about the jews who live there, would they want us in america to write about it???
(4/5/2009 4:22:30 AM)
didan notzach is that all the cities of tehran shiraz and isfahan?
(4/5/2009 4:51:48 AM)
lets translate to farsi and send to ahmedinijahd
(4/5/2009 5:17:08 AM)
very nice big Kidush hashem
(4/5/2009 5:31:42 AM)
kol hakavod!!
the mesiras nefesh of a true shliach!!!
rock on!
(4/5/2009 5:50:32 AM)
To all espionage experts:
You would assume that Iranian spies and intelligence read the largest newspaper in Israel Yedioth Aharonot before the lubavitch site COLLIVE

If there is someone foolish for publishing its the Shliach Bruk who ran to the newspaper
(4/5/2009 11:20:35 AM)
to number 6
"Israeli daily Yedioth Aharonot reported that the local Jewish community does not have the resources to bake Matzah for the 20,000 Jews in the country"
the report was about the lack of matzos
this is one dumb post and should me removed asap
its not about being an expert in espionage its about a little common sense
this is a collive post and should be removed
(4/5/2009 1:34:46 PM)
to #7
here is the article from Yedioth. See for yourself:
(4/5/2009 2:16:30 PM)
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