Mar 27, 2014
50 More Families Need Help

Following the discussion about Pesach food assistance in Crown Heights, 50 additional requests came in. How it will work this time around.

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

Thank you very much for the feedback and comments on my letter earlier this week. It is a blessing that we live in a time that communication is so easily transmitted and it is nice to see how many people truly care enough to share their concerns about community affairs.

This communication is intended to exercise a few corrective measures in order to get help to a greater amount of people. In fact, the article and comments on COLlive attracted so much attention that the Council received nearly 50 additional requests for tickets since the article was posted, and that number is growing daily.

Considering the influx of requests, and the growing demand for assistance this year, the families in Crown Heights will be given a second opportunity to get tickets for the Pesach package.


If you are in need of assistance for Pesach Matza and food, (and you were unable to get tickets last Sunday) you will have another chance to register and get tickets at 1601 41st Street in Boro Park, on the corner of 16th Ave. and 41st Street. this Sunday March 31st, 2014 at 1pm sharp (the doors close at 3pm, only those that arrive before 3pm will be given tickets so please be on time)


If you are available to help on Sunday April 6th we could use volunteers to come to the Brooklyn Navy Yard to help load the cars. We are seeking health bodied males only, for this particular task. If you are interested and available please email Avi Werde to, as soon as possible.

If you are available to volunteer your time over the next two weeks, there are several tasks that need attention and help, the jobs include making calls from the CHJCC office, clerical tasks to assist with data entry related directly to this project, giving out the matza boxes, and collecting pledges made towards this cause. To sign up and volunteer, please email Avi Werde to - we greatly appreciate your support.


Additionally, and equally important for you to consider is that the very next Sunday is the distribution of food and Matza. I currently have enough eggs for 200 families (1 case per family – the cost is $22 per case), and I expect there to be a total of 400 families registered after this coming Sunday’s ticket distribution, so I direly need a donor for eggs, another 200 cases will cost approximately $4,400. Otherwise, there will be a shortage and only half the families will be able to receive eggs.

If you are able to support this cause with a financial contribution, we are accepting donations of any amount to help supply all the Pesach necessities for every family, every dollar counts! If you can make a pledge of any amount, please do so to show care and support for our community.


If you own a car, and you want to donate time you can give a ride to a family in need of transportation on Sunday April 6th. To donate your time by offering a ride please email Avi Werde to - we greatly appreciate your support.

If you want to donate in one or more ways listed above, but you don’t have access to email, please contact the CHJCC to 718.771.9000 and ask for Rabbi Eli Cohen at Ext. 7736.

Thank you very much for voicing your concerns so candidly and I look forward to ultimate redemption with Moshiach in Yerushalaim.

Very truly yours,
Zaki Isaac B. Tamir

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Opinions and Comments
One case of eggs for a family?
That sounds like a lot of eggs for one family. Why not split the case in half and that way you can give to double the amount of families.
(3/27/2014 7:13:39 PM)
a lot more than 50
There are tons ppl that don't know
(3/27/2014 9:56:47 PM)
yasher koach
Bh,so nice to see ahavas yisroel.May no one need assistance.
(3/27/2014 9:58:54 PM)
Why don´t you rent trucks and have the food delivered to the people all packed according to thier needs the way it is done in Monsey. They use Rockland Kosher boxes and delivery trucks so that it looks to anyone that sees the boxes being delivered as if it is a delivery from the store. There is no embarrassment to the people recieving. This has to be done in a more respectful way. Making these people shlep to the Brooklyn Navy Yard just doesnt seem right to me....
(3/27/2014 11:23:49 PM)
to # 1
Do you not know how pesach recipes work? Many recipes call for 8 or more eggs! Do your research
(3/27/2014 11:29:51 PM)
i want to donate
how do i go about this?
(3/28/2014 12:01:06 AM)
Once again, Zaki comes through for the community! Yasher koach!!!!!
(3/28/2014 12:07:54 AM)
to # 5
not everyone bakes cakes galore.
I know of many people left with lots of extra dozens of eggs long after Pesach is over.

One suggestion:

Families can "share" boxes, and inform the community council, if they will not need eggs, since they will be splitting, with another family (or two).
(3/28/2014 12:45:28 AM)
Children also eat eggs. As in fried - hardboiled- etc. With my eight kids i usually buy 4 dozen eggs a week normally.
(3/28/2014 11:39:57 AM)
agree with #4
some families don't bother getting tickets because they don't have a car to pick up, also about cases of eggs, if packages would be prepared according to size of family, wouldn't need to give case of eggs to small families.
(3/28/2014 11:47:13 AM)
Yossi A
You are doing a great job

Please read comment #4

Your loving neighbor Yossi
(3/28/2014 1:01:24 PM)
Thank you
I was a little... dissapointed about your explanation last week, but this is nice and productive and allows for people to help in a real way, and I want to thank you for really coming around.

Shows what a mentch you are, i dont just have to believe the comments that say it.

Also, it is nice that you are telling the public exactly what is needed: transparency is important.

PEOPLE: no need to analyze the figures. a box may make sense for some, not so much for others. but that's not what matters. having people call in with exactly how many eggs they need is degrading: as long as they are refrigerated, a little extra cannot hurt, and can only help.
(3/28/2014 2:55:00 PM)
i just dont get this
where do i go to donate???
(3/28/2014 3:39:33 PM)
To #13
(3/29/2014 4:50:06 PM)
Thank you, Zaki!
Thank you, Zaki! This was really thoughtful and appropriate.
(3/29/2014 10:02:34 PM)
Please put a link
Please post a link to donate online
(3/30/2014 7:08:05 PM)
Good Job!
Well done Zaki! Thank you!
(4/1/2014 10:20:27 PM)
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