Jul 27, 2013
The Unexpected Wedding Dancers

Leave it to singer Eli Marcus to liven up a recent chassidic wedding in Crown Heights, where even the help joins in.

Video by CJ Studios 718-781-6405

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funny :)
whose wedding?
(7/28/2013 12:25:50 PM)
lubavitcher niggun simcha, plus elli marcus, win win situation!!
(7/28/2013 12:35:36 PM)
Go Eli!!!
Go Eli marcus!!!! You are the best out there!!!
(7/28/2013 12:38:38 PM)
cute video.
(7/28/2013 12:42:23 PM)
Thank u
for lightening up this morn!
(7/28/2013 12:43:05 PM)
Gershon Felberbaums wedding this past thursday
(7/28/2013 1:10:07 PM)
You are a real gem in the music/Simcha biz... great video! Thanks for sharing on COL
(7/28/2013 1:32:30 PM)
Zee Best
Nobody beats Eli Marcus. Nobody.
(7/28/2013 1:38:44 PM)
Eli, Yoni and Benny. A brief review.
The three newest and brightest Chabad faces of Jewish music.

Benny: In a short period of time, established himself as a bona fide star. Having a mega-hit like Yesh Tikvah doesnt hurt and just at the right time, as his voice and style are coming into their own. I would describe his music like I would describe his personality. He's a pleasure to be around.

Yoni: First thing that comes to mind is energy. Then range and talent. For the non-chabad world, beware. You may or may not have noticed him but Yoni is coming to a stage near you and will be there for a long time to come. He has high standards and will deliver a very high quality product.

Eli: First thing that comes to mind is energy. I know it looks like a cut and paste. But if youve seen him go, its non-stop. He has his own flavor and an very authentic chassidishkeit in his presentation and vocals. When I walk in to a simcha and see him with the band and i know that im in for an enjoyable evening.

Although all are unique they all share one thing. An absolute and pure love for music and singing. They dont see their lives any other way.

The music business is beyond tough to make a living in. Just ask the seasoned stars. Even after years of success they still have to put up with an enormous amout of -to use a euphemism - "lack of professionalism".

So here's to the three of you. Good luck in everything you do and remember that having the stage is a gift that comes with immense spiritual responsibilities.

(7/28/2013 1:40:44 PM)
there is NO ONE BETTER THAN ELI in the circuit.
The guy should be on tour, headlining like crazy... How is it that someone with his insane talent and energy isn't out there!?!?!? People must not recognize good music if it hits them in the face... He is amazing.
(7/28/2013 2:02:43 PM)
The Best out there
Eli is the best out there!
(7/28/2013 2:27:51 PM)
Good stuff.
(7/28/2013 3:08:38 PM)
(7/28/2013 3:36:38 PM)
go eli you da best
the sweetest voice ever to hiyt jewish music. what a star! and great nice guy too.
(7/28/2013 3:40:35 PM)
Amazing singer
Eli Marcus is an amazing singer! He always does an incredible job!!!
(7/28/2013 5:39:47 PM)
Okay not so sure the point of this
Please can someone explain
(7/28/2013 6:11:45 PM)
amazing talent.
amazing. eli is the best! looks like the wedding really rocked! mazel tov to devorah leah and gershom.
(7/28/2013 7:16:43 PM)
To number 16... Debby downer
For a change some light, refreshing, entertaining news is being posted. Not a shooting, not a drowning, not a fire, not a death. Google Debby downer if you don't know what that is. Please look at the positive in life ;)
(7/28/2013 8:50:18 PM)
So fab
The music was so fab that others wanted to dance too.

(7/28/2013 9:07:45 PM)
Chony, you're the best
A singer needs a good musician. Couldn't get better then Chony Milecki.
(7/29/2013 11:36:06 PM)
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