Jul 27, 2013
The Farbrengen in Paris in 1947

Shabbos Night Live with Rabbi Shmuel Butman: A description of the first Farbrengen of the Rebbe in Paris in 1947.

COLlive.com presents Shabbos Night Live, a weekly web class with Torah thought, chassidic stories and timely inspiration.

Presented by Rabbi Shmuel Butman, Executive Director of the Central Lubavitch Youth Organization (Tzach Hamerkazis) and a long-time columnist and radio broadcaster.

This week's program: In our parsha we learn again about the Golden Calf. The question is if they made the Golden Calf Due to abundance of gold as Rashi says, why was gold not removed from them or become and unfit to use?

Weekly story: The first farbrengen of the Rebbe in Paris in 1947, which was connected to Chof Av, his father's yartzeit.

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Top Left Rabbi Korenblit
Rabbi Korenblit was the Menahel of Bais Rifkah in Paris. He was later braught to NY by the Rashag of the Lubavitch Yeshiva to work for ULY. He is pictured top left next to Rabbi Shemtov and Slavin
(7/27/2013 9:46:28 PM)
Who is who?

Reb ? Kahanov ' (Crown Height), Rebetzen Chanah, the Rebbe, Reb Aaron Zakan '' (Crown Height), Reb Yoisef Slavin '' Montreal, ??, Reb Velvel Slavin '' Montreal,


Rabbi ? Korenbblitt '' (Flatbush), Reb Ben Tzion Shemtov '' ( Israel), Reb Tzvi Slavin ' (Crown Heights), Reb Shiye Korik '' (Crown Heights), ??
(7/27/2013 10:47:52 PM)
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