May 27, 2013
Flash Flood Benefits Mikvah

Floodwaters that struck south Texas made it difficult to walk to shul on Shabbos, but filled up the new Chabad Mikvah.

By Sandy Eller, VIN News

As flash flood watches continue in South Central Texas until 10 PM on Motzoei Shabbos, San Antonio's Jewish community seems to have emerged relatively unscathed from the weekend storms.

"Walking to Shul yesterday was definitely interesting," Rabbi Yossi Marrus, Associate Rabbi of Chabad Lubavitch of South Texas told VIN News.

"There was a huge amount of water but in our area there was not too much flooding, Baruch Hashem, and by the time Kiddush came around we had 150 people for a Sheva Brachos Kiddush."

Close to 10 inches of water were reported at San Antonio International Airport Friday in a matter of hours, located approximately 6 miles southeast of the recently inaugurated Chabad Center for Jewish Life & Learning on Blanco Road.

Rabbi Marrus reported that the newly opened state-of-the-art Chabad Community Mikvah is now filled to capacity thanks to Friday's torrential rains.

Advisories issued by the National Weather Service warn of thunderstorms that could potentially product two to four inches of rain per hour, with flood warnings in effect for several rivers that have already risen well above the flood stage, according to the Associated Press.

Over 200 people were rescued by emergency workers and the number of fatalities from this weekend's deluge has risen to three as rescue workers recovered the body of 18 year old Avron Adams, who was swept away by flood waters as he tried to cross the Cibolo Creek in the San Antonio suburb of Schertz.

Two women, ages 60 and 29, and a teenager were reported dead.

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