May 26, 2013
Journey of a Cholent Pot

The laws of cooking on Shabbos with Rabbi Levi Wineberg of Johannesburg: The laws of the cholent pot.

We welcome you to a non-conventional Halacha course, launched by, which for the first time synthesizes the intricacies of Jewish law with its spiritual and psychological symbolism in Chassidus. Here we present the eighth class in the series on the laws of Bishul -- cooking on Shabbos.

World renowned Rabbinic authority, Rabbi Levi Wineberg from Johannesburg, the Rosh Kolel of the Mizrachi Kolel, who serves also the dean of Hamaor, designated to synchronize Halacha and Chassidus, and Beis Mindrash LeHoraah, ordaining many Rabbis, presents here for the first time the practical laws of cooking on Shabbos, but infusing them with their Chassidic and spiritual interpretation.

Rabbi Levi Wineberg is the author of Lessons in Tanya, and a well-known Halachik scholar and authority. Every Sunday evening he presents a new Halacha class on and on COLlive. In these classes, you will discover practical Halacha, plus get a dosage of spiritual inspiration.

The classes come with a full curriculum and are also available in MP3 and MP4. Please scroll down to watch.

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