May 26, 2013
Minister Praises Chabad Peru

After visiting Chabad of Peru, Israel's Minister of Agriculture Yair Shamir praised the work of Chabad.


Minister of Agriculture (Yisrael Beitenu) Yair Shamir made his first official visit to Peru since becoming a cabinet member. He later used his Facebook page to tell about his visit to a local Chabad house.

“During my visit to Peru I visited the Chabad House in Lima for dinner. This is the first official mission as Minister of Agriculture, but as I am used to doing during my travels, I make a point to meet with the local Jewish community and visit Chabad houses scattered throughout the world. Chabad emissaries are doing holy work, their mission is a mission for life and I appreciate their dedication. Over the years I have created a particularly warm relationship with Chabad in Israel and the Diaspora and it was a great honor to be hosted by Rabbi Blumenfeld and witness his work.

“Israel’s Ambassador to Peru, Moody Ephraim, also praised Chabad activities in the city and said: ‘The Jewish community in Lima is small and the embassy is not so large, so the presence of Chabad is a great contribution to the Jewish People.’”

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emese shluchim
go shneur zalmen(uri0 and sara,you are the rebbes true chassidim,continued hatzlacha
your cuzins
(5/30/2013 12:04:33 AM)
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