Apr 12, 2013
Family Remembers Short Life

Relatives and friends of the Chen and Minkowitz families attended a touching memorial for Navi Ruth Chen obm, who passed away a few months ago at the age of 2.

This past Sunday evening brought together many dear friends of both the Chen and Minkowitz families as a memorial was held in memory of Navi Ruth Chen obm, who passed away a few months ago at the age of 2.

Many people were in attendance at the Lubavitch Yeshiva hall in Crown Heights, as inspirational words were spoken by Navi's grandparents, Itche and Hilda Minkowitz of Milan, Italy.

Mr. and Mrs. Minkowitz spoke in glowing terms of their granddaughter’s bravery and stamina, joy and laughter during her short life. They also praised their daughter Hadassah and son-in-law Yossi and their unwavering Emuna during their time of grief.

Hadassah Minkowitz – Chen, Navi's mother, brought the crowd to tears as she spoke of her wish to keep Navi alive through the founding of Keren Navah Ruth.

The MC for the evening was Mrs. Chaya Vogel-Rosenberg.

A very touching video was shown, with a beautiful message from singer Yaakov Shwekey who became a close friend of the Minkowitz family during Navi's illness. The video soundtrack has Yaakov Shwekey and Elkah Chen (Navi's 7 year old sister) singing together Navi's favorite song, Yesimcha.

Mrs. Hindy Drizin then closed the evening with a powerful message on the new foundation that her good friend Hadassah, along with her husband Yossi, is opening now in memory of Navah.

The Keren Navah Ruth foundation will come to serve many families who have a sick child, offering financial support for day-to-day needs. Often when a child is ill, a parent will have to leave work to sit at their child’s side. The Minkowitz family hopes that Keren Navah Ruth will offer support to these families as they deal with such trying times.

More information on the foundation will soon be available.

The evening was sponsored by Yossi and Ahuvi Rivkin of Kfar Chabad, without their amazing support this evening would not have been possible.

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Opinions and Comments
Hindy and Chayale you are amazing friends.
So proud of you.
Hadassah we love you.
(4/12/2013 4:49:05 PM)
was a very moving and inspirational evening
May Hashem give you all comfort and strength
Your Bitachon is simply amazing
(4/14/2013 12:14:20 AM)
so so sad
im sure little nava is happy in shamayim,may her family and friends merit to see her sonn with the coming of mashiach
(4/14/2013 4:28:43 PM)
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