Apr 11, 2013
Delegation Meets Before Trip

2 Shluchim will be official guests of the Polish Foreign Ministry to attend a commemoration of the deadly Ghetto Uprising.

By COLlive reporter

A group of British Jewish community officials met with Poland's Ambassador to the United Kingdom, Witold Sobkow, on Monday, ahead of a high profile visit to his country.

The Polish Foreign Ministry is sponsoring a delegation of rabbis, politicians and activists to Poland in connection with the 70th anniversary of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising which began on April 19, 1943.

The rebellion in German-occupied Poland was the largest single revolt by the Jews during World War II. It ended on May 16 when the poorly armed and supplied resistance was crushed by the Nazis.

At the meeting in the Polish Embassy in London, the Ambassador and Jewish officials discussed the forthcoming tour, due to include visits to Kivrei Tzaddikim, shuls, former concentration camps and towns where pre-Holocaust Jewish life was vibrant.

Set to be traveling next week, the delegation will include Chabad Rabbi Mendel Lew of Stanmore and Canon's Park Synagogue, Rabbi Yisroel Lew of Chabad Lubavitch of Bloomsbury in Central London and Tal Ofer, member of the "European Jewish Parliament" who helped set up Chabad of Bloomsbury.

Part of the trip will include civic receptions, including a major international commemoration event for the Ghetto Uprising, said Rabbi Osher Schapiro, a community activist who is helping to coordinate the tour.

Other participants are British Parliament members Bob Blackman and Mathew Offerd, London councilmen Brian Gordon (Barnet), Simcha Steinberger (Hackney) and Bentzion Papier (Hackney).

Chief Inspector Matt Shaer of the Jewish Police Association, Rabbi Yaacov Godlewsky, Rabbi Binyomin Bar, and activists Ephraim Goldstein and Filip Slipaczek will travel as well. Simon Rocker, Judaism Editor at The Jewish Chronicle, will be reporting.

At the meeting this week, Ambassador Sobkow described his numerous connections and activities with the Jewish community both in Poland and abroad, having held earlier diplomatic posts in Dublin and New York.

He shared with the visitors his profound belief that the horrifying events of the Nazi era should never be forgotten and the paramount importance of opposing racism and anti-Semitism in every way possible.

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