Mar 13, 2013
Video: Model Seder

Video: A model Seder with three acclaimed panelists, comedy, and a live cello and guitar duet of Pesach nigunim.

The Beis Medrash Women's Circle's annual pre-Pesach model Seder event is back, taking place tonight, Wednesday, March 13.

Featuring three acclaimed panelists, the program will include discussion, comedy, and a live cello and guitar duet of Pesach nigunim.

Mrs. Shaindy Jacobson, director of JLI's Rosh Chodesh Society, will discuss how women can make this hectic holiday meaningful and relevant. Morah Malky Freund, a beloved preschool teacher for many years, will talk about ways to involve children in the Pesach preparations and seder. Hamodia editor Mrs. Frady Schwartz will share her personal story of raising a blended family and her tricks for keeping the peace and sanity, especially during stressful times.

Comedian Yael Hanover will relate her experiences returning home for the holidays.

Whether you're coming for food for thought, or to try food for Pesach, the event promises to be a success!

The event is at 8 pm tonight at the home of Mrs. Rishe Deitsch. The evening costs $10 in advance ( or $12 at the door.

For reservations or for more information, please email or call 718.778.6712 or 516 713 5278.

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Opinions and Comments
This sounds so practical and soooooooooooo much fun! Wish I lived in CH
(3/13/2013 4:29:30 PM)
address of mrs. rishe deitsch
667 Crown Street bet Troy/Schenectady
(3/13/2013 5:50:35 PM)
Thank you!
SO thoroughly enjoying this, thank you and thank you col for streaming!
(3/13/2013 9:31:41 PM)
Missed this?
Where can I watch this?
(3/13/2013 10:09:48 PM)
THank you!
Thanks for the live stream. Watching it and loving it!!
(3/13/2013 10:20:08 PM)
wow that was amazing!!!!!!
thank you so much
a kosher and freilichen Pesach to everyone!!!
Moshiach NOW
(3/13/2013 10:20:35 PM)
i want to see it!!
where cld i watch it???
(3/14/2013 12:06:40 AM)
Aussie Fan
I missed the live broadcast, is it possible to watch the video?
(3/14/2013 12:13:25 AM)
malky freund
is a exceptional person so kind and warm! her love for her students have no limits!
we should be blessed with many more like her!
thank you!
(3/14/2013 1:06:49 PM)
kol hakavod
hats off to chanel and crew. thank you inspiring speakers!
(3/14/2013 4:19:48 PM)
go mina raizel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
(3/14/2013 9:27:18 PM)
amazing, inspiring, full of great information and tips for raising children. Thank you!
(3/14/2013 10:59:27 PM)
Amazing Teacher!!
We love morah malky! Shes was great at preschool and is great in bnos menachem!
(3/15/2013 6:36:02 PM)
go chanel!!!!!!!!
i agree with #10!
(3/18/2013 4:10:30 PM)
Yay Mommy!!!!
Good Job! :) :) :)
(3/19/2013 1:02:39 PM)
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