Jan 25, 2013
Rebbetzin's Levaya and Aftermath

A new DVD covers the passing of Rebbetzin Chaya Mushka Schneerson 25 years ago, and how the Rebbe channeled his sorrow into inspiration.

25 Years Later, New DVD Presents Events of Chof Beis Shevat

25 years ago next Shabbos, was no-doubt one of the most painful – and certainly a most-personal day in the Rebbe’s life.

At the time, Shluchim, Anash, and world Jewry responded in an outpouring of grief and love.

Channeling his sorrow into inspiration, he repeatedly quoted the verse “The living shall take to heart,” requesting that the Rebbetzin’s life be commemorated through Torah study, mitzvos, and communal endeavors.

Among the events featured in this hour plus video are, the Levaya, Sicha immediately upon returning home, private Shiva conversations, visiting the groundbreaking of Campus Chomesh, the Yahrzeits in the years that followed and much more …

Get the DVD at jemstore.com

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i love the niggun. does anyone know what its called
(1/26/2013 8:08:35 PM)
Re: Niggun
It's called The Pilpul Niggun
(1/26/2013 8:52:05 PM)
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