Jan 25, 2013
Mrs. Faiga Tzipa Laufer, OBM

Mrs. Faiga Tzipa Laufer of East Flatbush, Brooklyn has passed away. Levaya: Friday morning.

With sadness we inform you of the passing of Mrs. Faiga Tzipa Laufer of East Flatbush, Brooklyn.

She is survived by her sons, Shea Laufer - Shliach in Providence, Rhode Island, Mottel Laufer and Pesach Laufer, of Crown Heights and daughter Naomi Wolosow, Shlucha in Sharon, Mass.

The levaya will take place Friday morning, leaving Shomrei Hadas at 10 a.m. and passing by 770 at 10:45 am.

Shiva will take place at 617 Empire Blvd.
Shacharis 7:15, 8:30, 9:30.
Mincha 4:15, 4:30, 4:45
Maariv Bizmana

Baruch Dayan Haemes

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Ad mosi!?!?!
(1/25/2013 12:25:05 PM)
Baruch Dayan Haemes
(1/25/2013 2:26:27 PM)
baruch dayan haemes
hamokom yenachem eschem besoch sh'ar aveilei tziyon virushalayim
(1/26/2013 3:49:04 PM)
Baruch Dayan Haemes
(1/27/2013 12:07:45 PM)
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