Jan 26, 2013
"Former Atheist" at Kinus

Writer and speaker Rucheli Berry, who shared her baal teshuva story on COLlive, will address the Kinus Hashluchos Guest Program.

By COLlive reporter

As Shluchos convene in Crown Heights, the laywomen involved with Chabad centers have the opportunity to be inspired as well.

The Guest Program, running concurrent to the Kinus Hashluchos, is an inspirational and educational weekend providing a comprehensive "Crown Heights" experience.

With some inspirational talks and delicious food along the way, guests will be treated to five star 'dining' for the body and soul, organizers at Merkos L'inyonei Chinuch say.

The Classic Program is the complete package – workshops, group sessions, farbrengens, a tour of Crown Heights and the famous Jewish Children’s Museum and much more, perfect for first-time visitors or participants.

The In-Depth Program focuses on more serious, text-based study, best designed for repeat participants or those looking for more advanced learning.

Coordinators of the guest program are Mrs. Rivkah Kotlarsky, Mrs. Molly Resnick, Mrs. Tamar Pewzner, Mrs. Chaya Diamond and Mrs. Sara Chana Posner.

A slew of speakers are lined up to inspire, educate and enlighten participants. Among them are Rabbi Shmuel Lew, Rabbi Manis Friedman, Mrs. Shimona Tzukernik, Mrs. Chana Weisberg and Mrs. Miriam Swerdlov and many more.

One interesting face, new to the speaking circuit, is Mrs. Rucheli Berry, an engineer by trade and a writer and speaker by passion who has shared her story of reconnecting to Judaism with COLlive.com.

After her childhood in a secular home where she was brought up thinking of science as a G-d, a run-in with a Chabad rabbi at the University of Central Florida began her incredible journey back to her Jewish roots.

At the program, Berry will be sharing how a few years, thousands of airline miles, and several "chance" encounters later, she has settled with her husband Daniel Berry in Crown Heights.

Find out more about the Guest Program at Kinus.com

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She's great
Really cool
(1/26/2013 3:31:11 PM)
Go COL!!
You got the story before the Kinus Unbelievable. No need to go to the Kinus just check out COLIVE.
They always got the latest.
(1/27/2013 1:25:39 PM)
good yidden
Daniel Berry is a chusid
(1/28/2013 11:31:29 PM)
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