Jan 6, 2013
LIVE: Chof Daled Teves Webcast
Rabbis Schapiro, Jacobson, Paltiel, Wolff, Wineberg, Garelik & Krasnianski

The global Chof Daled Teves webcast, a full day of inspiration with 9 teachers in honor of the Alter Rebbe's 200th yartzeit, has ended. Thanks for tuning in.

Welcome to an international 12-hour live webcast by TheYeshiva.net, COLlive.com and Klurman Miami Mesivta, marking 200 years of the Alter Rebbe's passing.

9 teachers, across the globe, will explore the ideas and teachings of Rabbi Schneur Zalman of Liadi, founder of the Chabad-Lubavitch movement and author of the Tanya and Shulchan Aruch.

Here is the full schedule of the webcast on Sunday, 24 Teves, January 6:

Sunday 8:30AM EST

Learning Mishnayos
Mishnayos Berachos chapter 7: The Laws of Grace After Meals (begins with letter Shin, the Alter Rebbe’s first name)
By Rabbi YY Jacobson. (For beginners and advanced students.)

Sunday 9:30 AM EST
The Four Revolutions of the Tanya
By Rabbi Ben Zion Krasnyanski, Director, Chabad Upper East Side (For beginners and advanced students)

10:30 AM EST
The Alter Rebbe’s Contribution to Kabbalah
The notion of “Or,” Divine light, and how it transformed Jewish thought.
By Rabbi Yossi Paltiel, Mashpia Chovevei Torah (In-depth class)

11:30 AM EST
The Development of Halacha Throughout the Ages
By Rabbi Eily Smith, Teacher at Miami Lubavitch Klurman Mesvita High School and Member of Beis Din, South Florida (Power Point Address)

12:15 PM EST
Live music & singing: The Four-Stanaza Melody of the Alter Rebbe.

12:30 PM EST
Two Life Changing Stories About the Alter Rebbe: Live Address to Klurman Mesivta High School Students.
By Rabbi YY Jacobson

1:00 PM EST

1:15 PM EST
Shlchan Aruch HaRav: The Alter Rebbe’s Vew on Unintentional Trapping on Shabbos
By Rabbi Leibel Shapiro, Rosh Yeshiva, Yeshiva Gedolah of Miami (text based shuir).

1:45 PM EST
The Alter Rebbe’s Contribution to Psychology
Studying the Tanya
By Rabbi YY Jacobson (For beginners and advanced).

2:30 PM EST
Shlchan Aruch HaRav: How the Alter Rebbe Solved the Riddle of Shabbos HaGadol.
By Rabbi Levi Garelik, Rabbinical Center of Europe (Advanced class, text based)

3:30 PM EST
Shlchan Aruvh HaRav & Tanya: Is Shabbos Objective or Subjective? The Alter Rebbe’s Unique View.
“Amirah Lenachri”: When a Gentile Works for You on Shabbos.
By Rabbi Levi Wineberg, Rosh Kolel Mizrachi, Johannesburg (Advanced class)

4:30 PM EST
Shlchan Aruch HaRav: The Alter Rebbe’s View on the Blessing for Torah. Why is there no blessing when you think Torah?
By Rabbi Yisroel Rubin, Director Chabad of Albany, NY

Program ends at 5:00 PM

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Is it
(1/5/2013 8:32:58 PM)
thank you from Montreal !
Thank you for this wonderful program ,My husband went to the men's farbreygen and I was able to participate as well on this holy day of cof daled teyves by learning. Thank you and what a wonderful idea it was!
(1/5/2013 11:04:31 PM)
If I missed one of the above lectures, is there any way I can retrieve it later?
(1/6/2013 12:27:01 AM)
Thank You!
Very interesting thank you.
(1/6/2013 1:31:51 AM)
what is the schedule for sunday?
(1/6/2013 8:57:23 AM)
for info
try theyeshiva.net
(1/6/2013 12:42:50 PM)
is it working by every one ?
(1/6/2013 1:40:40 PM)
rabbi wolffe
loved your class- thank you!
(1/6/2013 7:30:40 PM)
Rabbi Wolfe
Rabbi Wolf! What can I say after hearing you!!,,,,,,,,,,, is there any way to get your email address?
(1/6/2013 11:57:23 PM)
to #9
(1/7/2013 2:29:33 PM)
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