Nov 20, 2012
Is "Wanting Moshiach" Honest?
Photos: Elisha Art

Speaking at Yagdil Torah's Melave Malka, Rosh Yeshiva Rabbi Ezra Schochet asked a poignant question that resonated with the evening's purpose.

By COLlive reporter

A full crowd showed up this past Motzoei Shabbos for the 2nd Annual Melave Malka Dinner of Yagdil Torah, a Crown Heights organization that promotes adult Torah learning.

Chassidishe niggunim and traditional yiddish melodies sung by Rabbi Levke Kaplan added to the warm ambiance at the Oholei Torah hall as elegant hors d’oeuvres and warm drinks were served.

The emcee, Rabbi Chaim Chazan, contributed his particular brand of wit, combining Torah and humor, inviting guests to celebrate 6 years of activity by the organization and its Heichal Halimmud Tiferes Yitzchak on Empire Blvd.

Thanked for their generous support were the two honorees, asbestos removal businessman Sholom Ber Rabkin and jeweler Shimon Barber.

They were each presented with a magnificent painting by Yagdil's founder and director Rabbi Levi Browd. Rabbi Mordechai Gurary, Rabbi of Chevra Shas shul, praised the organization's activities.

Most illustrative and impressive was the guest speaker, Rabbi Ezra Schochet, the revered "Rosh" of Yeshiva Ohr Elchanan Chabad in Los Angeles, CA.

He conveyed a poignant question, asking how one can honestly claim that "We Want Moshiach Now" without truly treasuring every moment available for Torah study?

Saying that learning Torah takes precedence over all other Mitzvos, Rabbi Schochet stressed the importance of Yagdil Torah and why the support of the honorees is so vital to our future.

When mentioning the merits of the honorees, he went so far as to say he was jealous of them, receiving a rousing applause.

To support Yagdil Torah or place an ad in the scroll of honor please visit

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Opinions and Comments
love the photography!!
the photographer got such beautiful pictures.
And the Lighting really makes the hall look amazing.
(11/20/2012 8:15:22 PM)
was it recorded? wanna hear it!
(11/20/2012 8:28:42 PM)
Bitul Torah?
What a beautiful event put together full of Chasidishkiet. Everything was A-1 especially all the speeches inc. the honorees were interesting & right on topic ..
This event definitely had not one ounce of Bitul Torah.
(11/20/2012 8:29:41 PM)
Videos Please
Could you please publish the videos . We would like to see them!!!
(11/20/2012 9:02:51 PM)
Video please?
I don't get why there's no video,
Collive I'm sure you'll pull through .
(11/20/2012 9:20:48 PM)
Rabbi Levi Browd!
What an amazing person!
Truly an inspiration, how a man used his own personal tragedy to bring so much light and to raise the kedusha of our entire Shchunah.
Surely the Rebbe has tremendous Nachas
(11/20/2012 10:34:38 PM)
Amazing pictures!
Looks like it was a great event...
(11/20/2012 10:49:30 PM)
a very very very special organization
may u go mchoyil el choyil
your zchusim are many
(11/20/2012 11:35:46 PM)
a big yasher koach
goes to rabbi levi browd, a very special individual!
(11/21/2012 12:31:23 AM)
boruch hashem
wow! what an amazing event in CH, run by yungerleit with full beards! and what a success!
All the rest of you out there, learn from this!
(11/21/2012 5:17:26 AM)
Rabbi Schochet
Respect the Rav very much and I want to wish you and your family well
(11/21/2012 8:06:45 PM)
Rabbi Schochet's speech
Where can I hear the speech?
Is there a site and/or was it recorded?
(11/25/2012 2:09:50 PM)
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