Nov 20, 2012
Shloshim For Mrs. Sarah Deitsch

The Deitsch family marked the Shloshim of Mrs. Sarah Deitsch OBM in an event that included a master storyteller and Kaddish.

By COLlive reporter

Tuesday, Kislev 6 was the Shloshim - 30 days after the passing of Mrs. Sarah Deitsch who with her husband, Reb Dovid Deitsch of New Haven, CT, were called the "Tatteh and Mameh" of Oholei Torah.

Under the directives of the Rebbe, they become partners with Rabbi Michoel Teitelbaum as co-founders of the educational institute in Crown Heights.

In a show of appreciation, a gathering of the Elementary divisions of Oholei Torah was held in the Grand Ballroom, which included Torah, Tefilla and Tzedoka.

Tehillim was also recited for the current situation in Israel.

Master storyteller Rabbi Yitzy Erps was there to illustrate tales of the life of Mrs. Deitsch and her mesirus nefesh.

Other speakers were the Dean Rabbi Hershel Lustig, Executive Director Rabbi Yosef Chaim Rosenfeld and Principal Rabbi Sholom Goldstein.

Following the children's rally, the Deitsch family davened mincha with the Mechina division, and held a siyum mishnayos.

Rabbi Rosenfeld announced that the upcoming annual Dinner which will be held on 7 Adar - February 17 will be dedicated to Mrs. Deitsch.

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