May 26, 2011
Protecting Children From Abuse

Florida family therapist Chaim Itche Drizin talks about how we can empower and protect our children before the travesty happens.

Family therapist Rabbi Chaim Yitzchak Drizin continues tonight a six week series on about the horrors of "Child Abuse In Our Communities: The Untold Truth."

This series tackles one of the most sensitive yet relevant issues facing our communities today: Child abuse and molestation. This six part series will cover the following issues: the affects of molestation, protecting and empowering our children, identifying a problem, talking to your child, and recovering from abuse.

"This is one of the most burning issues of our day," said Rabbi YY Jacobson, dean of "Untold numbers of our youth struggle with this, sometimes for decades, and most of us are clueless as to the horrific effects of child abuse and what to do about it. We must begin educating ourselves. It is an issue of life and death literally," he said. "The silence is claiming too many lives, marriages and futures."

Rabbi Chaim Drizin, MA, LMFT, is a family therapist living in Florida who combines the wisdom of Torah with Modern Cognitive Pschology. In his Family Practice and as an Educational Consultant for numerous private schools, he has helped hundreds of people learn how to recover from abuse.

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Abuse in Frum communities
There is also much abuse by psychologists -yes even frum ones. I haven't seen this spoken about anywhere, but know of a few stories personally. In one case a frum, lubavitch therapist actually advised a newlywed couple to divorce out of Kibbud Av V'aeim to their parents who oppsed the marriage! This therapist also used an Igros letter to support his decision. Be careful who you go to to help deal with issues, sometimes the psychologists have ulterior motives. Very very sad. And shocking.
(5/26/2011 10:58:25 PM)
Thank You
It cannot be stressed enough how important it is to have a meaningful relationship with your children. Maybe this can truly help in putting a stop to the plague of molestation.
(5/27/2011 7:11:39 AM)
Thank You so much!
That was so well said and important!
(5/27/2011 11:53:46 AM)
Novel ldea
What a novel idea to speak to your children about this sensitive topic in the same manner that you would explain the dangers of crossing the street by themselves. If parents would truly implement this we would possibly see a decrease in this horrible crime. I can't wait to hear how he deals with reporting abuse
(5/27/2011 12:56:32 PM)
thank you
thank you for this. I really learned a lot in terms of speaking to my little boy to help protect him IY"H. please continue to bring us such speeches.
(5/27/2011 2:10:36 PM)
Thank you
Everyone should be listening to this! It is very important!! I know a frum girl who was molested by a frum man and never told anyone! Please listen to his words carefully! Thank you once again!!!!
(5/27/2011 4:18:44 PM)
save lives!
"The silence is claiming too many lives, marriages and futures." this is 100% true!!! we need to get educated abt this!!!
Hanholos of schools shld be careful who they hire from the principals to the teachers to the cooks and janitors..and dont take it lightly!!
(5/27/2011 7:08:44 PM)
Rabbi Drizin
Rav Chaim Drizin is the Man !!!
(5/27/2011 7:09:17 PM)
Brilliant. Thank you so much for bringing such a taboo subject into the public arena. This is so fundamental, and so important for parents to be exposed to.
(5/28/2011 11:00:21 PM)
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