Nov 1, 2010
Female President Got a Blessing

Chabad Shliach Dovid Weitman didn't shake the hand of Brazil's first female president Dilma Rousseff but gave her a warm blessing.

Brazil's first woman president Dilma Rousseff, elected to office on Sunday, has apparently received a blessing for success from a Chabad rabbi.

Along with being the preferred successor of President Lula da Silva, the 62 year-old Rousseff has gotten the spiritual backing of Rabbi Dovid Weitman.

She met the head of Beit Chabad Morumbi in S. Paulo at a reception a few weeks ago with leaders and key members of the Brazil Jewish community.

Although the Rabbi did not extend his hand to Rousseff (which is against halacha), Rabbi Weitman did bestow a warm blessing to her, to lead the nation with honesty and compassion.

In her victory speech, she said her first priority would be to lift 20 million Brazilians out of poverty. "I reiterate my fundamental promise: the eradication of poverty," she said.

Rousseff, who will be sworn in on 1 January, is expected to continue the left-leaning policies of President Lula, with emphasis on government efficiency, expanding the role of the state in some sectors such as mining, and upgrading the country's decrepit infrastructure.

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Opinions and Comments
Rabbi Weitman is holding a Dvar Machus....
(11/1/2010 1:00:13 PM)
Rabino David...
Keep on doing gods work in brazil, we cant wait to see you here for the kinus!!
(11/1/2010 1:04:06 PM)
Der Rebbes Shliach with pride
Look how a Shliach holds a Dvar Malchos (probably learning his shurim while he was waiting his turn), while addressing the President.

Der Rebbes Shliach with pride
(11/1/2010 1:25:35 PM)
Dvar Machus
Keeping somthing in your hands while attending functions as these ties up ones hands avoiding the issue with shaking a womens hand.
(11/1/2010 1:39:30 PM)
bravo to the dvar malchus
(11/1/2010 1:59:49 PM)
Rabbi Weitman
you are an example of a Shliach dedicated to the rebbe, keep it up...
(11/1/2010 2:26:10 PM)
it really is a true nisayon unfortanutly!!
once my brother was up on stage on some sort of circus and the woman wanted to slap him five so he pretended to slap her five but missed for some reason!
just thought i would share that!
so i agree with number 4 , you gotto think before hand for these situations!
(11/1/2010 2:37:10 PM)
A Chasidisher Shlaich
I don’t think the Dvar Malchos was in his hands to avid shaking hands with a woman, look the Davr Malchos is in the other hand. He had it simply to learn his shurim while waiting there. A true example of a Chasidisher Shlaich.
(11/1/2010 3:04:57 PM)
Kiddush Hashem
A kiddush Hashem borabim,we are all extermely proud of you!
Echod maiAnash d,Montreal.
(11/1/2010 3:48:50 PM)
miss your farbrengens until the wee hours.

Shliach last year
(11/1/2010 5:18:52 PM)
Rabbi Weitman...
Are you bringing Mr. Safra this year again, in the Kinus???

Fans of you.
(11/1/2010 5:22:33 PM)
Me too!
I would never shake the hand of any left leaning person, comrades
(11/1/2010 7:30:04 PM)
Poorly written
Incorrect as written: "Although the Rabbi did not extend his hand to Rousseff (which is against halacha)"

Between the parentheses should read something like "(in accordance with Halacha)." Reading it as it is written gives the inaccurate message that it is against Halacha to decline shaking a woman's hand.
(11/1/2010 8:14:35 PM)
rabbi weitman
thank you for being an example for all of us! u for sure give the rebbe a lot of nachass!
(11/1/2010 10:24:27 PM)
best shliach ever!!!!!!!!!1
(11/1/2010 10:44:38 PM)
i hope the bracha works
becuase she is not good for the rest of the country that is not poor. hashem iaazor and may He fullfil rabbi weitmans bracha!!
(11/2/2010 1:35:35 AM)
You are GR8!!
Rabbi Weitman is an example of a Shliach dedicated, successful, and who wastes no time...

We all very proud of you!!
(11/2/2010 8:17:50 AM)
We now know the secret to become a president...
a blessing from Rabbi Weitman
(11/2/2010 8:27:39 AM)
chazak! Rabii Weitman
ata gadol!
(11/2/2010 8:34:50 AM)
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