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/ FRIDAY, SIVAN 11 5778 - 25 MAY 2018
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Jul 28 2013
Berel Lison - Montreal, Canada to Devorah Yarmush (bas R' Yisroel) - Brooklyn, NY

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Mazal tov!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
O WOW! mazel tov to both families!! beautiful!! all the brochos!!
Your detox friend
Mazel Tov!!!!! Such a shock to hear this thanks for waking me up.
mazal tov Berel so happy for you!!!
Mazel tov berel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Yoav and Devory
Mazal tov, mazal tov! Sending our best wishes from sunny Florida
mazel tov, kallah you got the most amazing bochur! great news! binyan adei ad
peretz and chavi chein and family
Mazel tov mazel tov to devorah and the whole family so so excited for you!
chani steinmetz teitlebaum
Mazal tov devora. Such awesome news! Binyan adei ad
Oh ya!! Mazel tov! Binyan adei ad!
Family Posting
with gratitude to Hashem along with Hashem's help the Le'chaim will be this Monday eve/night July 29th in Bais Levy Yitzchok .. starting time aprox 9pm
Mazal Tov Berel, from Peru!
bro mazel tov col hbrchot
from the holy land
machech now
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