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/ TUESDAY, IYAR 9 5778 - 24 APRIL 2018
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May 27 2013
Avremel Zirkind (ben R' Gershon) - Montreal, Canada to Brachie Wayden - Philadelphia, PA

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chonon and chasha
mazel tov mazel tov!
Shaynee Kroker
Mazal Tov Brachie!!!!!!!
And many more brachos and simchas!!!!
Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov!
Welcome to the family!
Mazel Tov!!!! Sooo happy for you! Only simchas
mazal tov avremel!!!!!!!!!!!!
a first cuzin from the ros side!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mazel tov!!
Mazel tov! So happy for you.
-Atkins Family
You are such a special girl, so happy for you! All the brachos, Binyan Adei add, bayis Neman biyisroel!
Love ya!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mazal tov brachie!!!!!!
All the brachos!!!!!!!!
Yiddish class:)
mazal tov Brachie!!!
with love, from Pittsburgh
your Yiddish classmate
Mazel tov!!!!!
miriam hertzel
mazel tov!
mazel tov brachi! soooo exciting!
Calvo Family
Mazel Tov!! Such great news!!
Yomin P.
Mazal Tov! You should have all brochos!
roomate from 608 cross st :-)
Mazel tov!!!!!!!!!!!! Avremel!!!!!!!!!!!
So happy to hear, i cant wait for the lechaim!
Only happiness and unlimited blessings!
mazel tov uncle avremel, we were so excited to hear that you became a chosson! binyan adei ad and all the brochos. love your nieces and nephews!!!
Herman Family - Pittsburgh
So delighted to hear the wonderful news! Mazel tov, Mazel tov, all the brachos!
The Myer Family
We're so excited for you! Mazel Tov to everyone. With love from all of the (extended) Myer family!
Avraham and Nacha Sara Leaf
Mazel Tov to Zev and Rochel from your dear "Israeli" friends!!
May we share only simchos!
The Rosenblums
Mazel tov! Chosen & Kalleh, Gershon & Shulamis and Zeidie & Bubby Rosler. So happy to hear the beautiful news. May this simcha lead to many more k'eh.

Sonny & Linda
the Estrins
A big mazal tov to both families--especially to the Waydens!
Elana Bergovoy
Mazel tov to the chosson & kallah and extended famillies
on behalf of the International Shidduch Group Network!
Yashar koach to Mrs. Wayden, for her efforts on behalf of shidduchim in Philadelphia!!
levi katz
mazal tov!!!!
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