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May 26 2013
Moishy Naparstek - Sao Paulo Brazil to Mussy Blizinsky - Kriat Malachi, Israel

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Mazal Tov!!!!
May you built a binyan adey ad!!!
Mazal Tov!!!!
May you built a binyan adey ad!!
mazl tov
mazal tov, beatifull shiduch!
yaaay!! such nice news! best families!!
Mazel Tov!!!
binyan adey ad!!!
Moishy tamos mto felizes por vc!! parabens!!!
maazal tov mussy!!!!!!
i love u!!!!! ahhhhhhhhh cant believe such amazing aamzaing news..so excited 4 u!!!!!!! ur the best!
u know who i am;) CH bf:)
Parabens Moishe!! muitas felicidades
Mazal Tov mazal tov!! Mussy, kibalt bachut mashehu!!!
mazal tov
mazal tov
mazalll tovvv
mazal tov
todas as brachot!!!!!!
yonthen yakov segev
mezel tov mezel tov חבורתה שלך
מישיבת תורת אמת you sould have
בנין עדי על פי תורת חסידות
all the bast and ברכותfrom yonthen
yakov hlevi segev eretz isreal
mazel tov mezel tov eretz isreal
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