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Mar 13 2013
Yisroel Newman (ben r' Leibel) - Crown Heights to Sara Steiger - Antwerp, Belgium

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Mazal tov
Wow! Mazal tov so happy for both of you.
robi &shula rosenberg- mellinger
Dear sara and family, we were thrilled to hear the wonderful news! Mazel tov and sheyihye besha'a tova umutzlachat! Wishing you and your Chosson all the very best amv'sh! Love from Vienna
Ruchy Lieberman
Mazel tov!!!! This is the greatest news ever!
Wishing you both a lot of and
May we share only simchos
Mazel tov Yisroel and Sara !!!!!!!!
Eli, Shoshana and the kids
MAZAL TOV!!! all our love!
Mazel tov!!!
Omg!!!!this is so exciting!!!!!!!mazal tov!!!
Mazal tov!!!!!
Omg!!! This is such great news!!!!
You've made my day!!!
Mazal tov
Binyan adei ad.
Srully u got yourself the best, Sarah is a gem!
efrat rose
Just unbelievable, wishing you a huge mazel tov and may you build a bayis neeman beyisrael - sara, got to speak to you but your Belgian cell is switched off. Be bekesher, only oif simchos!
so excited for you! only simchas!!
-beis chana '72
Mazal Tov Sara
A friend from MSY! Chaya
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