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/ MONDAY, CHESHVAN 3 5778 - 23 OCTOBER 2017
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Jan 25 2013
New Born
Baby girl to Yitzchok and Rivka Raskin (nee Spalter) - Crown Heights

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a student
Mazal Tov Mazal Tov ! may she grow up to be a real source of Nachas L'Ariechas Yumim Vs"t, She should grow up to be as Eidel and Beutifull as her Mother Shet' inside and out.
mazal tov
Mazal Tov mazal tov , such nice news! Lots of nachas
from cousins in Toronto
From 278
Mazal Tov!!!
We are waiting for a picture and the name!!!
Can't wait to see the bubba.
Whoooooooaaaa!!! We love you!!
She should be as sweet and a beauty like her mummy!
student from argentina!
To the best farbrengen teacher mazal tov mazal tov! Much much nachcas from the new raskin girl!
student / friend
Mazal Tov !! ohhh, what wounderfull news, how nice elegant and wellcoming were the Shabbos meals @ the Raskin with their sons and now with the edition of a little girl. may you have lots of Nachas from her and your entire family,Loirech Yumim V'Shunim Toivois
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