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Jan 23 2013
Levi Goldman (ben r' Mendel) - Los Angeles, CA to Rayzi Bukiet - Boca Raton, FL

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Mazel Tov!
Rabbi Zalman Bukiet
great news! will party at the LA wedding
Mazel tov!!
Wow! Great news
Sooo excited!
mimi & yitzchok rosenfeld toronto
mazel tov
binyan adei ad
mazel tov
mazel tov
Rachel Calabro
Mazel Tov!!! Couldn't be happier. Only simchas in Boca Raton
Much love to the whole Bukiet family
Mazel tov!
Levi such amazing news!! Looking forward to
Meeting ur kalla! Very lucky girl!
Pinchus and Rochel Chana Riven
Mazal Tov Zalman, Chanie, and Rayzi. Wonderful news. May Hashem bless you to go to chupah b'sha'a tova u'muzlachas.
Z. A. B.
Heartiest Mazel Tov wishes to einikel and son's B.I.L.
Tizku livnos bayis neemon veChassidusi beYisroel.
Mazel tov guys!!!!!! Levi is one awesome guy- lucky you Rayzi:):):)
Mazel tov!!!!
such nice news!!!!!!!
Golomb Sheffield
Heartiest Mazal Tov wishes
Binyan Adei Ad
Y.W., L.A.
Mazel tov!
LEVI!!! Thrilled to hear such wonderful news!!
Mazel tov to the entire Goldman family
los angeles
maziel tov levi is really a amazing guy
Bassie E
Mazal Tov Rayzi! May you both build a binyan adei ad and have only brachos!
mazal tov adina!!
continued simchas always....
Bryskis in AZ
Biggest Mazel Tov!!!
are you Shaina's sister?
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