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Jan 22 2013
Yitzchak (Zinny) Ostrozynski - Crown Heights to Asna Devorah Beenstock - Manchester, UK

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Yossy Hershkop
MaZaL ToV bro..... Can't wait to say Lechaim....
mazal tov!!!
This is awesome news! mazal tov zinny! u da man!
Lewis - Manchester
Dear Asna and Yitzchak, and of course Mindy and Dovid,
Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov.
Such lovely news. May you have much Chassidishe Yiddishe Nachas and we look forward to sharing many simchas together.
Miss you!
Very best wishes,
Benzion, Gita and Channi xxxxx
Yochanan, Rochel & Sholom
Mazal Tov!!. Tassie has never been so excited before and were thrilled.(any excuse to fly to somewhere civilised) All the brochas and you should build a Binyan Adei Ad
Mazal Tov
yay..... BEST NEWS EVER SO happy for you ASNA... ALL THE BRACHOS!!!!
Mazel Tov Itche Meir!!! May you be blessed with a binyan adei ad!
Mazal tov!
Sooooo Happppppy
Pittsburgh Osters
MAZEL TOV Shlomo!!!!
(& the Barber Family)
Mazel Tov zinny! It's a shame I'm bot there to celebrate with u, but I'm truly happy for u, and will make a lchaim on ur behalf;)
Zuni u make us proud!!
so great!
devorah,, im so happy youll soon have a hiuse to put together with creativity, talent and great taste. your chosson is a lucky one.
The California Frieds
Beenie! We're so happy for you! My sweetest friend is getting married!!!! Mazal tov!
Go Zinny! We are all so happy for you and cant wait to dance with you at your Chasuna!!
May you be Zoche to build a Chasidishe house that makes the Rebbe smile!
P.S ive been waiting for this one since we met on Empire :)
Rifka Wineberg
Mazel Tov Asna - such great news!!
motown alum
zini! mazal tov! you deserve it! you are the best guy in the world!
TF from Manchester
MAZAL TOV ASNA!!!!! so so sooo nice!!!!! :)
miriam hertzel
mazel tov!
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