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Nov 22 2012
Shmully Wolfson - Spring Valley, NY to Rochel Fischel - Las Vegas, Nevada

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BR Sem Mate
Mazel Tov!!!
:) :)
mazal tov raachel!!!! sooo happy 4 u!!!!
mazel tov!!!
yechiel & miriam (your cousins)
Mazzal tov!!!!!!!!!!
This is soooo exciting!!! BH!
May you both grow together & be a nachas for all!! With all hshem's brachos!
tante liba
mazel tov!
a friend
Mazal tov Shmully!! Im so happy for you!! All the brochos!!
Moishy Rotenstreich
Mazel Tov shmily I'm so happy for you!!!! Thanks for makin my day
Mazel tov Rochel!!! you're a beautiful girl inside and out!
Love a BR Sem mate
From lv
MAZEL TOV rochel! Were.so happy for you! May we only hear of simchos.
Bais Rivkah Sem Mate
Mazel tov!!! So exciting! What a lucky guy!
Shmuel (laizer).. MAZEL tov..
mamash a goldender bochur!
A Smicha friend
Pesach K.
Mazal tov!!! That's great news!!!
Mazal tov Rochel!!!!
Ur crownheights associates
Mazzal tov maZzal tov Shmuly!!
& ur lucky kalah
May u have a Binyan adei ad!
Chaya malka
Wow! I'm sooooo happy for u!!! May h' shower u with lots of blessings joy & happiness!
Mazel Tov!
R. Batt
Mozal Tov, Mazel Tov

your the best
adel dirota
mazal tov!
Yocheved Lerner
MAZEL TOV from your matchmakmaker!
mazel tov my chashuva cousin grandson of rabbi moshe wolfson & rabbi daniel goldstein z"l
Mazel Tov!
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