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/ TUESDAY, IYAR 9 5778 - 24 APRIL 2018
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Nov 22 2012
Mendy Niazov - Vienna, Austria to Rivka Sabbach - Melbourne, Australia

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mazel tov
mazel tov
Mazel Tov
Rivkah!!!! Mazel Tov, so happy for you!!
May you B"NB!!!
mazel tov bassie niasoff/sabach!!
Dassy H
RIVKAAA most amazing news in the entire world!!!!
Thinking of you so much from down here,
can't wait to join in the simcha!!!!
Mazel Tov Rabbi and Mrs Sabbach and all the family!
mazeeel tov!!!!!!
rivkka such amazing news!!!!!!!
aaron and chaya yehudis dank
Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov. All the best.
Greatest teacher!!!!
Mazel tov so happy for you!! Binyan adei ad!
Beth Rivkah Primary Office - Melbourne
We heard the shrieks of joy from the primary girls when the news was announced at assembly and saw Chana jumping and down. We are SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited for you.
MAZALTOV love Rochel, Tamar and the entire primary school!!!!
yosef meir adelist
mazel tov mazel tov binyan ada ad truly nachas
trina and yosef adelist
mazel tov fantastic news to you and your parents
mussy's cousins
mazal tov rivkah! we are so happy for you! we loved having you over for shabbos, we hope to see you again soon, maybe with the lucky chossen, if we're zoche ;)
MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Your friends at GELC
Mazel Tov Rivkah and Mendy! So happy and excited for you!
Lots of love from us all! Only simchas!
Mazal Tov from Family Golomb Sheffield
Rivka and Chosson, and Rabbi and Mrs Sabbach and Families

Binyan Aday Ad
U GOT THE BEST CHOSSON+CUTEST FAMILY EVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Mr. & Mrs. Boruch Hoffinger ('Brouria') BS"D
'Mazel Tov!' 'Mazel Tov!' on your recent engagement. We were so happy to hear about it from Hershy and Dassy.' 'Hatzlacha!'
החתן הוא תותך באמת משהוא משהוא זכית רבקה
Mazal tov
A camper in edgware 5770
All the brochos! Mazel tov, mazel tov !!!!!!!!!!
Bracha levertov
Mazaltov from me and chana morozow. All aussies r great but u r greatest!
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