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Nov 22 2012
Danny Gerber - Toronto, Canada to Hinda Levin - Philadelphia, PA

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peretz and channi schmukler
Mazel tov Mazel tov!!!!!! such gr8 news. Beshah Tovah U'mutzlachas!!!
mazel tov!
So excited for you Hinda! He is one very lucky guy!!!
Mazal Tov & Love from Kiryat-Malachi
Daniel ish chamudos
Mazael Tov to you and Hinda!!!
Yossi and zelda gansburg - Toronto
Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! We are both so excited for all of you!
Only simchas
Mazel Tov.
to the Gerbers - Congratulations. Such good news.
moshe and tzippy lehr
mazel tov mazel tov sosososo happy
zalman and miriam gerber
mazel tov from the other gerbers! much happiness!
mazel tov hinda!
Chabad of Charlotte and the Carolina's
Mazel Tov! What a great Simcha. Binyan adei ad.
mazelll tov!!!!!!!!!
mazel tov buddy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
mazel tov!!!
mazel tov!!!
mazel tov buddy!!!
so exciting!!!!!!
cant wait to see u :)
Avrumie and Tzivia Goldfein
Mazel tov!
Mazal Tov!!!!!!!
SO happy for you Buddy (and family)!!!!!!!
Many More..
Your Class mate! (Chana)
Mazel tov Hinda and the entire Levin family!! We are thrilled and so happy!!!!
Chabad of the Main Line
Mazel Tov Morah Hinda!
Eli and Malka Janowski
Mazel Tov!!
Only Simchas
Moshe Jenny chernick and family Toronto
Mazaltov ! Mazaltov ! We are so excited
To hear the wonderful news !!! Simchas only !!!!
Fans @ Chabad @ Flamingo Youth Group @ Mazal Tov Danny
Self-explanatory --- ain't it Danny. Mazal Tov. Mazal Tov. Harbey Nachat Ruach v'Sholom Al Kol Yisroel. Amen BRO!!!
mazel tov mum, daddy, and family!!!!!
Strasbergs (Philly/Winnipeg)
Mazal Tov Gerbers and Levins!!!! We are so happy for you all and so nice to know you both ;o). Much nachas and brochos to you.
to gerber family!!!!!
mazel tov!!!! this is such exciting news!!! love yah rachels!!
MAZEL TOV DANNY AND HINDA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Atkins family
Mazel tov!! We were all so excited to see the news from your mother today.
the Myer family
super giant mazel tov from ALL of us. we are so excited and happy for you! all the brochos!!!!
we love u both
Mazal tov mazal to!!!
Mazel Tov! Now I understand your connection to the Gerber family Hinda! Mazel Tov-keep the simchas coming.
Hyman family
The Zirkinds, Toronto
Mazal Tov, Mazal Tov, Binyan Adai Ad!
lipszyc family toronto
mazal tov !
Weinsteins from Pittsburgh
mazel tov Hinda from the Weinsteins!
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