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Nov 22 2012
Ephraim (Effi) Oster - Crown Heights to Mariyasha Caplan - Crown Heights

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Konikov!s SH
Mazal Tov ! Mariasha and Effi

We love you Mariashi !

Uncle Rafe and Chany
And Family
mazel tov
mazel tov
Worlds best Uncle!
Mazel Tov Efi and Mariashi! Binyan Adei Ad. May you have an abundance of Brachos in every way!
da man
Effi tuv! Mazal tov! U da man!
best couselor!
efi all the best for the best!
from your old chavrusa
mazel tov binyan adei ad! go
mazel tov efi. I knew it the whole time.
african american
mazel tov efi may hasem bestow his blessings upon you mon!
Mazal tov!!
Mazal tov Maryashi!!!
I'm so happy for you :)
Mazal Tov Effi!!
From your friends and Shluchim in NJ!!!
Mazel tov Maryashi
You are the best !!!!!!!!!!!
Your friend from Costa Rica
Mazel tov maryashi!!!!!!!! So excited yayyyyy!
Mazel tov!!!
Such a lucky guy!!! Maryashi is the best!!
Camp emunah
Mazel tov! to the best counsler!!!!
Love you maryashi
ephraim oster best bachur in lubavitch.....by far!
irone dome
mazel tov peoplples
Mazel Tov
maaaazzzzelll tooovvv
go effiii
mazel toivvvvv
mazel tov
gggggggggggggooooooooooo efiiiiiiiiiiiii
amerika iz nisht andresh
Boruch Hashem.. Amerika iz takeh Nit Andresh!!!!
Mazel Tov!!!!!
mazal tov
such exciting news
a friend of the family
wow what a miracle!
maze tovvv
mazel tov much nachas
Mazel tov Maryash:)
Maryashi Is the most amazing person out there!!! I luv u more the words can say!! A huge mazel tov!!!
Mazaltov Man!!!!
from Brazil ;)
S and TL
Reb Mordechai and Esther yichyu
We are so happy for you
May you continue to schep nachat from the entire family!
Mazel tov Mazel Tov!
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