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Nov 8 2012
Mendy Lein (ben R' Peretz) - Crown Heights to Mirele Wolf (bas R' Benny) - Crown Heights

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miriam hertzel
mazel tov! lucky, lucky chosson!
mazal tov mendy!!!! the best guy on earth!!!!!
Chollent crew
So what a great match, mazel tov to all go wolf"ssssss
mazel tov
I second that- one lucky guy, Mireles AMAZING!
Wolf fan
Balfour place is a great block thank to the wolfs, and boy is mendy o me lucky guy to get such an amazing girl,
Mazel tov mazel tov,
All the brochos,
love Chitrik 5770
madison family
mazel tov to the best mechutonim - we are all celebrating with you.
Peoria crew
Mirelle, here we are loading the buses once again headed to your lechaim... mazel tov! mazel tov!!!!
Mazal tov Miralle and the whole wolf gang! So excited!!!!!
teen camper
mazel tov mirelle
Mazal Tov Mendy :)
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