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Nov 5 2012
Shmuely Reiz - Overland Park, Kansas to Simcha Elharrar - Montreal, Quebec

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Your roommates in Montreal
MAZEL TOV!! Awesome news Shmueli
Mazal tov!! Mazal tov!!
Shmuely - A great bochur !!

Mazal tov from your Kansas friends....
mazal tov!!!!
wow!! the best!
hey shmuly im soooooooooooo happy 4 u!!!! may u have all the Rebbes broches!!!!!
best couple ever
mazal tov
SO EXCITED, BH KAH!! wishing you both:
Beautiful Brocho, Healthy Hatzlocho,
Natural nachas, Chassidishe Chayus
Moshiachdike Mitzvos, and Sincere Simchos

Always and only, Amen!:)
mazal tov!!!!!!!ahhhh so hasppy for u simcha!
mazel tov Simcha and the whole Elharrar family we are so excited!!
WOW- such exciting news!!!!!
all the brachos!
Raizy Lurie Hecht
Mazel tov to the Elharrar family, chosson and kallah. Binyan adei ad - much nachas always.
Mendel Weinberg
Mazel tov Shmueli!!
Mazel Tov!! Simcha (& Chossen)
So happy to hear the great news!!!!
Special Mazel Tov to your parents!!
Chaim & Freida Shpigelman
Rosenfeld MTL.
Mazal Tov Simcha
and the Elharar family
So happy to hear the great news
montreal neighbor
Mazal tov Simcha!! So exciting! May you both have all the brochos and a binyan adei ad!!
Mrs.G.Lurie your neighbour
M azal Tov! Mazal Tov! Mazal Tov! Simcha and the whole Elharar Family. As your name denotes,many many simchas will continue from this one. So excited to hear the good news. B"shoa Tova Umutzlachas and lots of nachas.
mazal tov!!!
Mazal tov simcha!! such great news!!!!!!!!!

rivka lison!
Matel Rena
Mazal tov, Simcha :)
The Benshimons
Great news!! Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!! Montrealers are all rejoicing with you and your families.
go simcha
wow first 9th grader to get engaged:)
Chabad at KU Fans!
Dear Shmuli,

We are so happy for you...never underestimate the power of a L'chaim with the Jewhawks!!

Mazal Tov!!
Now make sure to keep your part of the deal and be back next year with the Aishes Chayil at your side...
Erwin & Janice LaPine
MAZEL TOV!!. Shmuely, Simcha a great combination.Beautiful match!!
Leibel & Dina Davis
Mazal tov, mazal tov to you Simcha, your parents and your wholde family. May you have a binyan adai ad!!! and lots of chasidishe nachas from everyone.
oh simcha
we knew you were hiding something from us you california girl :)
to oh simcha
Actually, you are mixing up there s 2 simchas! look at the city its in montreal!
Another neighbour
Mazel Tov, Mazel Tov, we wish you much Nachas and a Binyan Adei Ad, everything Besha Tova with Hatzlacha
Chazan and Mrs Lebovics
Dassy H
Mazel tov!!!!
wishing you lots of brochos together IYH!!!
thinking of u after all that time from camp......:)
When's the wedding? Where will you live? So exciting.
Uncle Moshe
Mazal tov.
mazal tov
Mazal tov
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