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/ MONDAY, TAMMUZ 5 5778 - 19 JUNE 2018
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Nov 2 2012
Dovid Leib Ehrentrei - Montreal, Canada to Chaya'le Glick (bas R' Shmuel a"h) - Crown Heights

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Mazal tov Chaya!!!!!!!! I'm sooo happy for you, you should both be bentched with all the brochos!!!!
Mazel tov
Dovid leib you should only know about good things form the bucrhim that u were the dorm counselor
Shaina B
Mazal Tov Chaya!! Such exciting news!

Many Brachos for a binyan adei ad and continued simchos!
CHAYA!!!!!! mazal tov!!! cant stop smiling!!! all the brochos, binyan adei ad!!!
Lechaim motzei shabbos @ FREE
s savetman
mazel tov!
mazal tov!!!
mazal tov chayale!!!!
mazal tov chayale!!!!! so so excited for you! all the brochos!
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