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/ MONDAY, TAMMUZ 5 5778 - 19 JUNE 2018
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Mar 11 2018
Levi Shemtov (ben R' Kasriel) - Crown Heights to Chana Vita Wolf (bas R' Yitzchok) - Chicago, IL

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Mazal Tov Mazal Tov to all the familes Invei Hagefen Veinvei Hagefen.
Lots of beautiful and Happiness Nachas and Kol Tuv Selo
Shmuel and Brocha Hurwitz
Hindy & Simcha Lewis, Israel
MAZEL TOV to Kasriel & Chana Elsha & family & of course to our very dear friends, Zeidy & Bubby Reuven and Cynthia Berns. So happy for you all.... where have the years gone? Asach Yiddishe, Chassidishe nachas from your young couple, & may they build a Bayit Ne'eman B'yisrael.
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