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/ FRIDAY, CHESHVAN 28 5778 - 18 NOVEMBER 2017
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Sep 8 2017
Moishele Sossonko - Miami Beach, FL to Leah Lurie - Montreal, Canada

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Yerachmiel and yaffa Rabin
MAzel Tov. Simchos and nachas.
Akiva & Kayla
Wonderful MAZAL TOV,
Wishing you all the Brochas
montreal Chanowitzs
SO happy for choson kallah and all the mishpocho,
simchos always, with brocho and hatzlocho,
Bais Rivkah Montreal
wishing Morah Esther and both families a hearty mazal tov mazal tov on Morah Leahs engagement to Moshe!!!!!
Mountain Sights Ave.
Mazel Tov Mazel Tov!! Were all so happy for u!!
Mazel Tov!
Beyond excited!!!!!!!!

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