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/ MONDAY, TAMMUZ 5 5778 - 19 JUNE 2018
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Jan 10 2017
Aryeh Gurewitz - Palm Beach, Florida to Chana Fuchs - Crown Heights

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Best girl everrrr!!!:):):)
So happy to hear this amazing news!!! It should be with mazel and brochos!!!
Mazal Tov Chanale!
So so happy for you!! lucky guy!
Herschel Mendelwager
Mazel Tov! L'Chaim!
Such nachas from you Aryeh!
May you both be blessed with revealed goodness!
Mazal Tov R' Yitzchok
Ach Tov Vochessed Yirdefucho Kol Yemei Chayecho
Fred Reiman
Great all the best to both of u
Craig Reiman
Congrats to my nephew on your engagement
May you both have many years of happiness together
MAZEL TOV Chanale!!!
Such beautiful news!!!
Lucky guy;)
Looking forward to your wedding IyH!!
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