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Jan 8 2017
Zalmy Shemtov - Los Angeles, CA to Hadassah Silberstein - Ithaca, NY

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Mazal tov!!!!!!!!!!
The best teacher I had. Was so amazing and just always cared about every one. She was so special and an an amazing person!!!
shmuly cohen
zalmy is the nicest guy ever!! such a lucky kallah!
hes chassidish AND with it, a rare combonation!
Mazel tov!
Best teacher ever!!!!!
Y.W., L.A.
Mazal tov zalmy!!!!!
Best shliach teacher and mashpia
MAZAL TOV!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Can't believe this is happening!!!!!!!!!!!! mazal tov to the both of you! Hadassah is truly a kind, chassidish, fun girl! your a lucky one Zalmy!!!

Chona Nosson
Mazal tov
9th grade at bca
OMG!!!! this is sooooo exiting, She is the best teacher EVER
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