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Aug 20, 2014

Baruch Naparstek of Zakon's - Kingston Toys & Stationary oversees the store's renovation ahead of the new school season.

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Aug 20, 2014

An event marking the Shloshim of Rabbi Chaim Aron Kuperman obm was held at the Lefferts Avenue shul where he served as Gabbai for many years. Full Story

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Aug 20, 2014

Photos: Eliyahu Levy

The wedding of Shmuel Super of Melbourne, Australia and Chaya Mishulovin of Beitar Illit, Israel took place in Kfar Chabad, Israel. Photos

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Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights Raising Funds for a Young Mother

Help Bikur Cholim of Crown Heights raise urgently needed funds for a local mother of very young children.

Her cancer treatments have not been effective and she needs to seek new treatments not covered by her insurance. Any amount is helpful; we count on your generosity. Thank you
387 Kingston ave suite 10
Brooklyn, NY 11225

Find us on Facebook CrownHeights BikurCholim

Aug 20, 2014

A house on Union Street in Crown Heights just may have set a new neighborhood record after being sold for $1,850,000. Full Story


Aug 19, 2014

Webcast with Rabbi Daniel Schonbuch on dating, marriage and family issues. Webcast #5: Overcoming Stress Styles of Communication. Video

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Aug 19, 2014

A new Torah is being written in honor of the 25th Yartzeit of Rabbi Levi Yitzchok Schapiro obm, known as a dedicated Mechanech and assistant principal in Oholei Torah. Full Story, Photos


Aug 19, 2014

Following recent attacks in Crown Heights, commanding officer of Patrol Borough Brooklyn South Owen Monaghan visited the neighborhood to address the concerns of residents. More


Aug 19, 2014

Camp Emunah, the oldest and largest Lubavitch overnight camp for girls located in Greenfield Park, NY, posed for a group photo as it completed its 62nd summer season. Photos


Aug 19, 2014

Mrs. Sarah Hecht, mother of Chana Ginsburg of Crown Heights, passed away in Regba, Israel. Full Story


Aug 19, 2014

A banquet for staff in Camp Gan Israel Montreal highlighted the efforts to bring a Torah atmosphere to the camp. Full Story, Photos, Video


Aug 19, 2014

Watch how 24-year-old Avrohom Wolosow isn't fazed after being the victim of a knockout attack and quickly chases down his attackers. Video


Aug 19, 2014

Photos: DovBer Elyahu Siegal and CGI staff

Camp Gan Israel of S. Paul, MN recently hosted Camp Ashira and Camp Shemesh for ‘Achdut Day’, a day full of fun and unity. Full Story


Aug 19, 2014

London Shliach Rabbi Shmuel Lew spoke about raising Chassidishe children for parents at Yeshiva Schools of Pittsburgh. Full Story, Video


Aug 19, 2014

Ahead of the upcoming school year, the CECE invites preschool educators to a day of inspiration and practical ideas. Full Story


Aug 19, 2014

Top right: IDF soldier David Menachem Gordon

IDF soldier David Menachem Gordon, aged 21, was found dead not far from the Tzrifin base where he was last seen. Full Story


Aug 19, 2014

Rabbi Michoel Seligson's Sefer Hamaftechos L’Sichos Kodesh, an index of all the Rebbe's Sichos, has been reprinted. Full Story

Aug 19, 2014

More than 800 people participated in the 10th Annual Jewish Summer Fest at the Jersey Shore on Sunday. Full Story

Aug 18, 2014

Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams was joined by elected officials and community leaders in Crown Heights to decry recent violence against Jews. Full Story, Photos, Video

Aug 18, 2014

Campers of Yeshiva Summer Program - YSP in Morristown recently said goodbye at the completion of its 34th summer. Full Story, Photos, Video

Aug 18, 2014

The family of Rabbi Yosef Raksin hy"d gathered at his home to begin the writing of a Sefer Torah in his memory before the unveiling of the Matzeiva today. Photos

Aug 18, 2014

By the time Postville Yeshivas Kayitz came to an end, some parents were talking about sending their sons back for the year. Full Story, Photos

Aug 18, 2014

The group of Shluchim personally sent by the Rebbe to Israel met this past Shabbos and released a call to the government. Full Story, Photos

Aug 18, 2014

A US Court of Appeals' ruling last week reversed a federal district court's upholding of the New York City's bris milah regulation. Full Story

Aug 18, 2014

Hong Kong Shlucha Lifshy Ajzenszmidt got choked up while filming an Ice Bucket Challenge clip in support of those with ALS. Full Story, Video

Aug 18, 2014

A Shloshim memorial gathering for Rabbi Chaim Aaron Kuperman obm will take place tonight in Crown Heights. Full Story

Aug 18, 2014

Taglit Birthright Israel: Mayanot alumni gathered to create gifts with artist Michoel Muchnik to distribute to family and friends of the three slain boys Eyal, Gilad and Naftali. Full Story, Video

Aug 18, 2014

Campers at Gan Israel Toronto received a pictorial album about the Rebbe's parents and spent Shabbos with visitors from a local day camp in honor of 20 Av. Full Story

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Aug 21
Wedding: Moshe Gitlin - Markham ON Canada and Chaya Bialestock - New Haven CT at Ohlei Torah

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Shlichus Day School in Brooklyn seeks teacher for Middle School Boys in Grades 5-8 (Hebrew fluency preferred) for the 2014-15 school year. | more...
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Chabad House in Hong Kong looking for two capable bochurim to assist with community programming for all ages. Starting this Tishrei. Please | more...
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Nichum Aveilim
-The Raksin family is sitting Shiva after the passing of R' Yosef Raksin h"yd.

Shiva will take place at 738 Empire Blvd.
Shacharis will be at 7:30 am
Mincha and maariv will be 7:45 pm
Times to be Menachem avel: 10am-1pm and 4pm-10pm
-The Zaklos and Slavin families are sitting Shiva after the passing of Mrs. Tzivia Zaklos obm of Montreal.

Shiva will take place at 440 Crown St.

Shachris 8:00 am, 9:00 am
Mincha and Maariv: b'zmano

-Rose gold bangle/bracelet Last seen at a wedding in Oholei Torah last Monday 8/12 3472601114


Lost Box with Mini shas from YSP

Lost box with my mini shas from YSP Wed. Night @ Montgomery and Kingston when the bus dropped us off. My name was on the box. Please call Yaacov Hecht at 203-247-3348


Diamond found

Call 3475649041

Lost black double city mini carriage.
Contact Chanie at 347 616 0892


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